Does TV Antennas get affected due to rain?

We all have noticed, with clear skies, reception is great, and with low/heavy weather, some stations get lost. But is it the truth? Is it that the weather affects our television reception? Well, the truth is, the bad weather doesn’t affect, to such an extent as the reception gets affected on a stormy or high […]

Will Hurricane Sandy Make Landfall on the Northeast U.S.?

We have a fascinating and potentially dangerous situation on hand for the Northeast U.S. and one possessing considerable uncertainty. Sandy is now a category 1 hurricane with estimated maximum sustained winds of 85 mph and central pressure of 970 hPa (see picture).  My community is all aflutter about this storm, particularly since our forecast models […]

A More Perfect Storm Will Strike the Midlatlantic Coast

There is now a high probability that an historic storm will strike the mid-Atlantic states next week.   A storm far more intense than the Perfect Storm, of book and movie fame. One of the most intense landfalling cyclones in several years and perhaps the equal of the great Columbus Day Storm of 1962 that brought 100 […]

Europe cold wave deaths hit 200; low-snow winter for the U.S.

Brutal winter cold continues over most of Europe, where at least 200 people have died in a cold wave that began January 26. Hardest hit has been Ukraine, where the temperature bottomed out at -17°F (-27°C) at the capital of Kyiv this morning. It was the second coldest day of the cold wave, behind the -28°C reading […]

Deadly tornadoes rip OK, KS, and AR; high tornado risk today; Joplin tornado an EF-5

America’s deadliest tornado season since 1953 continued its relentless onslaught of violent tornadoes yesterday. Numerous destructive and deadly tornadoes raked Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Arkansas, killing at least nine people. Yesterday’s deadliest tornado hit El Reno and Piedmont, Oklahoma, about 30 miles to the west and northwest of Oklahoma City. Four people died, and one […]